Fly-tipping is a pretty serious problem; occurring when individuals illegally dump waste on public or private property. Costing the government almost £50 million of the taxpayer’s money, this is the third year in a row that it has increased. A punishable offence, whilst you can well face criminal prosecution, the current maximum penalty that judges are allowed to impose is £50,000 and/or a yearlong custodial sentence. However, of the 0.2% of all cases that resulted in prosecution, over 60% received fines of less than £200 and 95% of fines issued were less than £1,000. This led to a total income of £600,000 – not really putting a dent in the £50 million clear up project. Sadly, roads were the most popular spaces to offload rubbish, whilst shockingly a third of all incidents saw the equivalent of a “small van load” being unceremoniously dumped.

Councils are clearly getting pretty fed up as Westminster recently shared a picture of a set of garden furniture that had been dumped on top of a bus stop, whilst Redbridge Council has claimed that a coffin, a mattress and even two live turtles have been dumped.

To name and shame the perpetrators of this serious crime, the team at Brantlegh Waste have done some journalistic digging (pun very much intended) to find out which cities have the worst fly-tipping record.

  1. Enfield

There is no question that London accounts for the worst fly-tipping in the country, with seven of the 10 worst areas for fly-tipping situated in the Greater London area. However, that being said a clear winner, at the top of the charts, is Enfield in North London. With double the cases seen elsewhere in the country, the council saw 70,930 cases of fly-tipping. This is actually pretty shocking – perhaps the next venture for Brantlegh Waste? You read it here first…

  1. Haringey

Criticised in 2008 for having the country’s dirtiest streets, Haringey has managed to reduce the level of fly-tupping, although it remains pretty high. It has about 25,000 cases of fly-tipping per annum – which is around one offence for every 10 people who live there.

  1. Plymouth

In 2014 Plymouth City Council shelled out more than £580,000 to pay to clean up their city as fly-tipping seemed to be consistently on the increase.

  1. Liverpool

Our Northern neighbour is famous for more than just its football team. Liverpool sees around double the amount of fly-tipping than the rest of the country.

  1. Manchester

Sadly, our beloved city Manchester sees the worst fly-tipping outside of the capital – with 22,251 cases it has cost a whopping £2.2 million. Think how many United T-shirts you could buy with that money. According to a report conducted by ITV News, the rise in Mancunian fly-tipping is due to the disposal fees charged by council dumps, and indeed there has been calls to remove prohibitive costs on council dumps. However, the team at Brantlegh Waste are only ever a phone call away on 0333 8000 613 or feel free to drop us a line on