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Further reductions in HWRCs will hit recycling rates

A YouGov survey for FCC Environment has found that further reductions in services at Household Waste and Recycling Centres (HWRCs) could “significantly affect recycling rates”. The poll for FCC Environment, which runs 96 HWRCs for 24 local authorities, showed that around a quarter of people visit their HWRC at least every month, and 64% have

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What the Chinese waste Ban means for the UK

From the 11th January China will officially be banning imports of millions of tonnes of plastic waste. Not only that, but they will also be increasing the quality controls for other imported waste. This all comes under President Xi Jinping’s hope to create a “beautiful China” with a lovely, pollution free environment by 2035. It

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Plastic bag charges to be extended to all shops 

The 5p charge for plastic bags proved just how cost conscious us Brits could be, it reduced the number of plastic bags consumed by a staggering amount – an impressive 90% decline, which totals nine billion fewer plastic bags used. In fact, superstore Tesco, last year, stopped selling plastic bags all together and now offers

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Will Brexit affect UK’s recycling levels? 

There is little doubt that Brexit will have an impact on UK policy making. In fact, it has had some pretty positive impact on our waste management in the UK. A wonderful example of this is the 1999 Landfill directive. Now, we know this may not sound desperately exciting. However, it saw the amount of

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Waste Crime costing the UK £560 million a year 

At Brantlegh Waste we work hard to ensure that residents of the UK have access to waste management – we want to ensure you feel safe and secure that your waste is being legally and ethically disposed of. We are particularly proud of our service as it comes to light that waste crime is, shockingly,

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Why Dry January makes sense

    So in December you drank, quite a lot. The whole month is really just a blur of booze punctuated by bouts of eating so excessively that you wondered if you would ever be hungry again. So as we all waddle into January a little worse for wear and vowing to never let ourselves

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Food waste part 2

How to waste less and save more   Last week ( we described Sainsbury’s recent report over the shocking quantities of food that we Britons waste on a weekly basis. However, the future of food is bright, in fact the future of British food is being pushed forwards by Sainsbury’s. With a commitment to invest

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