Latest food waste report reveals staggering statistics.

At Brantlegh Waste we are always surprised by the vast quantities of waste produced up and down the country. However, a recent survey carried out by Sainsbury’s, which involved studying the waste food patterns of 5,000 households uncovered a shocking relationship between us Britons and our food. According to this report we are wasting around £700.00 per year, per family, which to put it into perspective could buy you a Macbook or flights to Italy. Interestingly, the report identified four main factors that contribute to this concerning attitude regarding food waste, which we have listed here for your reading pleasure.

  • A lack of awareness

Whilst tireless awareness campaigns have seen us make a conscious efforts to switch off lights when not in a room and turn down heating. Sadly, the same principle has yet to be applied to food waste. Seemingly the last taboo in waste management, food waste has traditionally suffered from lack of PR, and has been unable to garner the same level of interest.

  • A startling gap between perceived knowledge and behaviour

There is a real disconnect between our perception and the reality. Because even whilst most of us are becoming more sensitive to the environment and enthusiastic about energy saving schemes,(particularly when they help save money) with 74% of those surveyed stating they purposefully turn off lights when they leave a room and 32% claiming to have switched energy suppliers. Most households have few qualms when throwing away vast quantities of food.

According to Richard Swannel, director of sustainable food systems at Wrap, wasting food costs £700 a year for the average family, whilst the majority of people surveyed believed they were wasting far closer to £400.

  • A lack of good role models

There are a number of celebrities associated with creating a more sustainable world. Big names like Leo DiCaprio, Natalie Portman, Gwyneth Paltrow and Cameron Diaz have all spoken loudly and proudly about their commitment to fighting the Green cause. Sadly, food waste isn’t quite as sexy and has failed to gain the same celebrity interest. Without any famous names driving the cause forward, food waste, has until now, largely fell under the public radar. Although, only time will tell if the push by Sainsbury’s will encourage eco-friendly, bio-aware celebrities to face the cause of food waste.

  • Social trends

In our Vegan, gluten-free, no additive society we are constantly being encouraged to hand-make innovative recipes filled with the oddest ingredients you’ve never heard of. However, the problem is that ingredients such as chai-seeds, almond butter or buckwheat flour do not have the flexibility of old favourites like sugar, salt and white flour. Most likely, they will be used for one recipe, whose two hour long process did not justify the five minute eating time that still left you feeling hungry. And then they will sit on your shelf, a guilty reminder of the healthy eating promise you made many moons ago.

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