How to waste less and save more


Last week ( we described Sainsbury’s recent report over the shocking quantities of food that we Britons waste on a weekly basis. However, the future of food is bright, in fact the future of British food is being pushed forwards by Sainsbury’s. With a commitment to invest £10 million to help households reduce waste over the next five years, their first decision was to invest £1 million in a city they feel could pioneer their ‘Waste less, Save more’ campaign. Having surveyed 189 cities, towns and boroughs across the country, the little known town of Swadlincote has just been the lucky recipient of this auspicious honour.

From January 2017, a good day on which to start any new project really, Swadlincote will become a hub of innovation, looking at the best ways to cut food waste and reporting back to Sainsburys HQ. But what can you do? Those families living outside Swadlincote who would like to start decreasing their food waste. At Brantlegh Waste we have done some research and found the simplest, most effective way

Olio app

This revolutionary app allows you to share surplus food with friends and neighbours. Available to both businesses and households it demonstrates some of the real ways Social Media can connect us to our neighbour. You simply click on what you want and then arrange a pick-up via private messaging. With a noble ethos of “building a more sustainable feature,” we at Brantlegh Waste think this is a truly commendable app.

Sainsburys Food Rescue

Given that this entire initiative was founded by Sainsbury’s we felt it was only fair to give them an honorary mention. Their food rescue search engine, in conjunction with Google, is an incredibly helpful resource that creates recipes from those foods that are normally left isolated and abandoned at the back of your fridge.

Fridge Temperatures

According to the latest research, 70% of our fridges are too warm. Keeping your fridge below 5 degrees can help massively in the fight against food waste, helping to preserve your food longer. So make sure you regularly check the temperature. Whilst on the topic of fridges, most fruits should be kept in the fridge rather than in the fruit bowl as it can stay fresher for up to two weeks longer.

Portion planner

Thanks to the growth of restaurants and takeout’s, large serving sizes have become the norm. We are rather used to overflowing plates and bountiful bowls (unless you favour haute-cuisine, where each bite costs approximately £10 and you leave feeling hungry.) However, these portion size are not necessary and often go unfinished. Try eating from smaller plates or use this handy calculator which will tell you how much you need per food item.

Detailed shopping list

Shopping smart is essentially the number one way to avoid food waste. Whilst it may seem somewhat laborious planning your weekly menu in advance will help you to buy precisely what you need. Meaning in theory you should have far less waste. As an aside we would also encourage not going shopping hungry. Never. Ever. Your bill will be twice as high and full of the most random and unusable items imaginable.

If you have any further questions regarding food waste, feel free to give one of our friendly advisors a call on 0333 8000 613.