It’s been getting mighty nippy down here, after a relatively mild winter in November and, for the most part December, it seems our luck is about to turn. Thanks to a rather irritating blast from the Arctic, temperatures are set to plunge over the next couple of weeks and we are expected to even see snow. Now, as a kid snow is pretty awesome – snow ball fights, snowmen (or women – we are extremely politically correct here at Brantlegh Waste). In fact, the entire team have incredibly fond memories of winters in Manchester. However, as an adult snow sucks – transport grinds to a halt, you are freezing all the time and it means trailing muck and gunk all through the house. However, it also affects waste. So what on earth do you do with all your waste?

1. Be grateful
Happily, one of the few silver linings during the winter months is that your garbage ain’t gonna smell or attract too many flies. If you do happen to host a big meal or decide to have a huge clear-out after a particularly bad breakup then a few extra garbage bags won’t cause too much of a nuisance. Of course, you still need to beware of foxes –the most common pest, so don’t go flinging rubbish about willy-nilly, but certainly there won’t be too much smell.
2. Composting
For those recycling addicts who are still devoted to composting it is still possible to continue this important practice during the winter months. Make sure your heap has a heat source, insulation (you could try using straw bales around the outside of your bins) and ensure to continually add new scraps so that your compost heap remains fresh and active.
3. Dog Poop
Given our job at Brantlegh Waste, we often have to deal with some rather taboo topics, but we are never ones to shy away from topics even if they are a little gross. Dogs still poop in the winter, obviously, and now more than ever it is extremely important that owners remain vigilant in picking up any waste. In the cold, dog poop can break apart and scatter around the whole area, or it can get frozen into the snow, which is really just extremely unpleasant. Try using a poop scooper, which should make your community a happier place to be.
4. Christmas
This one is a little cheeky as clearly Christmas is well and truly in the past. However, this was inspired by some real life experiences of our customers and we felt we should pass the advice on. Make sure to tell your guests want they can and cannot flush – we had so many clients tell us of waste that ended up in places they did not want it. The same goes for bins – helpful guests can be a hindrance if they put items in the wrong receptacles. Well-informed guests are the best guests.
5. Call Brantlegh Waste
Winter, spring, summer, or fall (even as temperatures drop dramatically) the team at Brantlegh Waste are there for you. Even if the council cannot handle the snow, our men are trained to handle this sort of weather. Safe, secure and reliable, we can help with all your rubbish needs.
At Brantlegh Waste we are committed to working with our clients to help ensure they have access to the best possible methods of recycling. Working in Manchester and London our service is focused on sustainability and ensuring a safe and secure future for generations to come. If you have any questions please feel free to call us on 0333 8000 613 or email us on