We Manage Your Extra Private Residential Waste Collections

Manchester Residential Private Waste Collections Experts

Brantlegh is the first private residential waste collection company operating throughout all parts of Manchester and Salford – United Kingdom. We specialise in helping local residents organise their  extra Residential Waste Collections. we collect the extra bins on a weekly or fortnightly basis according to your ( /the clients ) needs, to ensure clients have Clean, Tidy, Smell & Rodent free bins. We have unparalleled customer service, and we are always here to help you dispose of your waste in the most efficient manner.

No More Waiting
You no longer have to wait 3 weeks for your bin’s to get Emptied .

Your are the boss
You are free to decide on your bin collection schedule.

Go Get More Bin Space
We offer 4 different bin sizes. Allow yourself to choose the right size for you and your family

We Manage Your Manchester Residential Waste Collection

Where do I need to leave my bin?
Please leave your bin out in the same way as you usually do for the council. Please make it easily accessible for collection and not causing any obstructions.
 What can’t I put in the bin?

We will not collect construction waste (Bricks, Rubble, Plaster, Ceramic, Cement, Plasterboard, Sand and Soil).We will not collect hazardous material (Asbestos, Sharps, Chemical Waste and Medical Waste).

Please also ensure that not hot or combustible material is placed in the bin which may cause a fire.

Will you remove any additional bagged waste?

Yes- only by prior arrangement with our office.If not, only waste held within the container will be emptied.

What happens to my waste?
We are a fully licensed waste carrier with the Environment Agency (Registration Number CB/DU170878) We collect your waste, take it to a waste transfer station where it is processed before being transported to a Waste to Energy Facility. Treatment of waste by the waste to energy process is environmentally preferential to Landfill Disposal in the Waste Hierarchy set out by the DEFRA.
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240 LTR

240 Litre General Waste Bin

Capacity 2 – 4 sacks per bin 0.314 cubic yards

240 Litre General Waste Bin

Meters Feet & Inches
Height 1.08 3 6 1/2
Length 0.58 1 11
Width 0.73 2 5
360 LTR

360 Liter General Waste Bin

Capacity 4 – 6 sacks per bin 0.471 cubic yards

360 Liter General Waste Bin

Meters Feet & Inches
Height 1.10 3 7
Length 0.62 2 0
Width 0.86 2 10
660 LTR

660 Litre General Waste Bin

Capacity 7 - 10 sacks per bin 0.863 cubic yards

660 Litre General Waste Bin

Meters Feet & Inches
Height 1.17 3 10
Length 1.36 4 5 1/2
Width 0.77 2 6
1100 LTR

1100 Litre General Waste Bin

Capacity 12 – 15 sacks per bin 1.439 cubic yards

1100 Litre General Waste Bin

Meters Feet & Inches
Height 1.47 4 10
Length 1.37 4 5 1/2
Width 1.07 3 6

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