The 5p charge for plastic bags proved just how cost conscious us Brits could be, it reduced the number of plastic bags consumed by a staggering amount – an impressive 90% decline, which totals nine billion fewer plastic bags used. In fact, superstore Tesco, last year, stopped selling plastic bags all together and now offers only “a bag for life” which costs 10p and is made from 94% recycled plastic. It would seem Britain is well on its way to becoming a more utopian, a more environmentally friendly society. And we at Brantlegh Waste couldn’t be happier.

However, it still allowed retailers with less than 250 employees to continue to give out free bags, which is all set to change as of this year. It seems to come as part of a government crackdown on pollution, allegedly after Gove said he was “haunted” by images of the damage done to the world’s oceans shown on the Blue Planet II TV series hosted by David Attenborough. Which perhaps explains why he rather, sensibly arrived at this all important meeting with a reusable coffee mug – putting his money where his mouth is. But, it would seem Attenborough has inspired big change as well with a brand spanking new 25 year plan. Admittedly, the Conservatives pledged to come up with this 25 year plan in 2015, so it is a little over a year late. However, better late than never as it seems they really do have something concrete. Something, that will hopefully, see the British populace focus on single use plastics and become the first generation to leave the Earth in a better situation than we found it. And one of the main ways the government hopes to achieve this is by stopping the throwaway culture that has become so endemic in today’s society. Frankly, we couldn’t agree with this sentiment more. It follows our Prime Minister’s recent plans last weekend to plant 50 million trees along the M62 corridor between Liverpool and Hull over the next 25 years – in a project cunningly called the “Northern Forest.” And as residents of the very best Northern city – Manchester….we frankly couldn’t be happier. The goal of this ambitious project is to create habitat for wildlife including birds and bats whilst protecting species and creating woodlands for the millions of people living in the area. Similarly, the government has its eyes on Northumberland with a grand plan of planning more than 600,000 trees over the next two years.

At Brantlegh Waste we are frankly over the moon at the government’s dedication to making Britain a more environmentally friendly and conscious country. In fact, it lies at the very heart of our ethos as we aim to serve homes in and around London and Manchester with effective, safe and conscious waste removal. If you have any questions about our service at all please feel free to give us a ring on 0333 8000 613 or drop us a line on