Offensive/hygiene wastes are the product of a population which is not
known to be infectious. The waste can also be offensive in appearance
and smell. When handled, there is a residual health risk, which should be
assessed, and appropriate precautions should be implemented.
However, provided the waste is appropriately wrapped, properly handled
and free from excess liquid, the risk of ill health is considered to be low.
Offensive/hygiene waste includes:

■ human and animal waste (faeces);
■ incontinence pads;
■ catheter and stoma bags;
■ nappies;
■ sanitary waste;
■ nasal secretions;
■ sputum;
■ condoms;
■ urine;
■ vomit and soiled human bedding from a non-infectious source;
■ medical/veterinary items of disposable equipment such as gowns etc;
■ plasters (minor first aid or self care) generated by personal use;
■ animal hygiene waste (eg animal bedding);
■ waste from non-healthcare activities, eg waste from body piercing or
application of tattoos (excluding sharps).

Offensive/hygiene waste should be identified and adequately contained before it enters the waste management stream.


Offensive/hygiene waste may be recycled, incinerated (including energy from waste facilities) or landfilled in suitably permitted/licensed facilities.

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