Recycling is not new. Most homes in now have a recycling bin. By simply putting
paper, cardboard and drink containers in the recycling bin, you save
hundreds of thousands of tonnes each year from going to landfill.
Governments and the community are looking to the commercial sector to match
the performance of the community recycling schemes.

Reducing the amount of office waste that your building is sending to landfill can have
direct benefits to your work and your bottom line.

Improperly cared for garbage, junk, waste and debris negatively impact your team’s productivity in 3 ways:

1. Working in a cluttered environment impedes efficiency. It’s difficult to do your job if you’re constantly having to work around piles of rubbish.

2. An employee’s morale is a huge indicator of how productive he or she will be in the workplace and nobody wants to feel like they’re working at the rubbish tip. Keeping your workplace clean means you’ll have happy workers and happy workers get more done. Full stop.

3. When the quantity of rubbish on premise exceeds your storage capacity, workers are forced to spend extra time whenever they need to dispose of waste. These wasted man hours ought to be spent working on your company’s core business.

Whether your customers regularly visit your site or not, it’s difficult to inspire confidence in your product if your premises are littered with garbage. The price of losing just one solid client because of waste mismanagement is far greater than the cost of contracting a reliable and affordable commercial rubbish removal company.

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