How Suez and TerraCycle are set to change the future of recycling.


At Brantlegh waste we are committed to providing our readers with the latest news articles on waste management. And this month, a venture between two waste management titans may well change the future face of recycling.

In a just announced deal French waste management company Suez is buying 30% of specialist recycling business TerraCycle in a deal that is believed to be work around £30 million.

TerraCycle are best known for recycling 100 “hard-to-recycle waste” products that are traditionally passed over by other waste management companies. Founded only fifteen years ago TerraCycle has been extremely successful with nearly 60 million collectors in over 20 countries already working with or in synergy with this ambitious Start-up. Their current projects include Zero Waste Boxes (available at Staples) which can be filled with waste not normally collected by recycling services. They also recently launched a free cigarette butt recycling service last year in the UK and, which was partly, funded by Japan Tabaco International. This programme sees cigarette butts transformed into useful plastic items such as delivery pallets with any remaining material being used as compost. The aim is to find an alternative for the billions of cigarette butts that currently end up in landfills.

The multi-million pound investment will see Suez adopt this recycling process allowing them to recycle products such as coffee pods, cigarette butts and biscuit wrappers. Given that few other companies have the capability do to this it will see Suez expand its services in the UK and across Mainland Europe.

This partnership will be particularly helpful to those products that include complex packaging and therefore require very specific sorting and collection solutions.

This comes at an exceptionally fortuitous time as the UK is struggling to meet recent recycling objectives. The UK did have a plastic packaging recycling target of 57% by 2017, however this target has now been reduced to 49% for 2016 which will then be increased by 2% each year until 2020. The current challenge is that paper cups are made from paper laminated with plastic, which makes them exceptionally difficult to recycle. This means that less than one in 400 paper cups are recycled, which is particularly shocking given that an estimated 3 billion coffee paper cups are thrown away weekly in the UK. The partnership between Suez and TerraCycle could have a seriously positive impact upon recycling of these plastic cups.


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