At Brantlegh Waste we work hard to ensure that residents of the UK have access to waste management – we want to ensure you feel safe and secure that your waste is being legally and ethically disposed of. We are particularly proud of our service as it comes to light that waste crime is, shockingly, costing the UK £560 million a year in clean-up costs and lost tax revenue. Waste Crime can take many forms from one individual dropping their chewing gum on the floor (one of our pet hates) all the way to massive illegal outfits who are deliberately misclassifying thousands of tons worth of waste in order to evade tax.

Local authorities are attempting to crack down on waste crime with fines for fly tipping (which are reaching around £750,000 a year) as well as prosecuting ‘waste owners’ who have allowed their waste to be dumped illegally. In a report entitled “Waste Crime – Britain’s Dirty Secret,” written by the Environmental Services Association, the powers that be suggest that the current problem is due to a lack of knowledge and awareness over handling waste as well as ineffective sentencing delivered by the courts. However, it would seem the government has taken note of this report because Chancellor Philip Hammond confirmed the launch of a report on how the tax system could reduce the amount of single-use plastics in the Autumn budget. This was largely due to a recent statistic that places the amount of plastic pollution in the world’s oceans at around eight million tonnes; a serious blight on our seas. However, of slightly more relevance to this article he also committed an extra £30 million of funding over the next four years to help prevent waste crime. As well as that from 1st April 2018, operators of illegal waste sites would be responsible for Landfill Tax whilst the Landfill Communities Fund would receive £33.99 million in 2018/19. So clearly, this statistic has shocked the government into action – forcing them into action and recognising just how important a solid waste management infrastructure is. This is particularly compelling given that according to the ESA each pound spent on waste management enforcement is likely to see a return of as much as £5.60. Of this sum, £3.20 would go towards government taxes whilst the rest would benefit wider society. This maths looks pretty smart to us and we are excited to see the positive benefits that this influx of money will have.

However, the ESA wants to see even more done- they have suggested having speedier and more effective resolution. They also want to encourage professionals as well as private citizens to play a far more integral part in reporting suspicious activity. They also suggest the government introduce a testing system to check if waste is appropriately classified and charged at the right rate of tax. Finally, they believe there should be far more education over waste crime and how best to avoid it – with far more severe waste crime punishments.

At Brantlegh Waste we are fully in support of the ESA and hope to see the government take waste crime far more seriously. If you have any more questions feel free to take a look at our blog which is packed full of handy information or drop us a line in or give us a call on 0333 8000 613.