Minimizing waste – what to do with unwanted Christmas presents.

Christmas is a time of much merriment and festivities, it is most people’s favourite time of the year. It breaks up the winter blues and makes the world seem somehow brighter and more sparkly (which could well be related to the amount of decoration adorning houses up and down the country.) However, as the festive season fades most of us are left feeling a little hangover, a lot bloated and with far more stuff than we started December with. Some of which is wanted, and a lot of which makes us stare at our room shaking our hand, hand on hips wondering what to do with all this (what is quite often rubbish) Brantlegh Waste are here to help guide you through this difficult time.

Charity Shop

There are so many worthy charity shops in Manchester that are desperately crying out for donations who would be only too happy to accept your offerings. The Northern Quarter has a large amount as does Prestwich village. It may also be worthwhile investigating some homeless shelters and seeing if they are in need of any warm clothes (especially as the Northern winter sets in with temperatures set to plummet this January.) And for those who really want to go the extra mile and use all of their Christmas waste – combining old packaging and unwanted presents could make some thoughtful care packages for the homeless.


Family Present cupboard

If you don’t have one of these already we advise quickly designating a drawer (which you could line with some wrapping paper to use up the mountains you have surely collected) and filling it with unwanted, errant presents. It is perfect for those forgotten birthdays as well as dinner party invitations. However, at Brantlegh Waste we accept no responsibility for any awkward mistakes and we feel professionally obligated to emphasis that this is an exceptionally risky option. We would advise clearly labeling each present with the name of the present giver and double checking there are no erstwhile notes or markers suggesting that your re gift is anything but a present of love.


In an ideal world we would simply return all our unwanted Christmas presents to the appropriate stores and purchase an item we actually want. However, this can often involve a gentle approach and deft hand- neither of which are enough to ensure you don’t make your grandma cry. Which really no-on wants. So an alternative is to post the items on Ebay. Whilst in January this is a slightly over saturated market with 4,556 new items listed as Ebay as “unwanted Christmas gifts” in the first two weeks of January it is a profitable way to get rid of all that additional household rubbish. Now whilst you may find it somewhat difficult to get rid of another onesie or indeed a pair of personalized cuff links, this option is perfect for those luckily enough to receive two copies of the Adele CD.

And for those who are still feeling benevolent post-Christmas there is always Frees cape which offers an easy method of giving away free unwanted household items. Because sometimes one man’s trash is undoubtedly another man’s treasure.