22nd March – World Water Day: How to help conserve this important resource


World Water Day, a UN backed incentive, is celebrated worldwide and used to raise awareness. With a focus on the importance of this powerful resource, it hopes to inspire our global community to rethink and redefine their water usage as well as encourage us to consider the people who help provide it.

This year’s theme is built around those who work in water related sectors, which is actually almost half of the world workers, close to 1.5 billion people. Now whilst picturing a number as huge as that is by no means an easy (or really a possible feat) the facts that surround this statistics are particularly startling. Millions of those involved in its production are neither recognised nor protected by basic labour rights and don’t themselves have access to clean water.

At Brantlegh Waste we are constantly trying to change the way our customers (from Manchester to London) interact with the everyday. We hope to help create a more sustainable lifestyle and healthier environment. It is important to remember that two billion people around the world rely on aquifers as their sole drinking water. And as recently as 2011 Syria experienced its worst drought with concerns that Yemen could face a similar fate in less than a decade.

The entire team are passionate supporters of World Water Day and to help celebrate this phenomenal day we have created a handy list to help even the most time poor save on their water.


Leaking pipes not only cause that annoying dripping noise that can slowly, but very surely, drive you a little bit mad, but they also waste a mass amount of water. In fact, dripping taps can waste 15 litres of water a day, or 5,500 litres of water a year. Check all your facets and pipes for any leaks and you can also use your water meter to identify any other leaks.

Read your house water meter before and after a two hour time period when you have used no water. If you find that the meter has increased (even marginally) it means you have a leak.

You can also check your toilet tank for any leaks by adding food colouring to the tank. If the toilet is leaking, colour will appear within half an hour. Just make sure to flush the toilet straight away as food colouring can stain the inside of the tank.

Running Water

Often we leave water running unnecessarily without realising that actually we are wasting vast amounts of this valuable resource.

When brushing your teeth or shaving make sure to turn off the tap and try to rinse your mouth with a cup of water. This simple yet effective move could save 6 litres of water per minute.

And instead of waiting for your tap water to run cold fill up a jug or bottle and leave it in your fridge. This means you will have instant cold water and you may even want to add cucumber or lemon to create that spa like felling in your own home.


Before doing any gardening work make sure to check your soil, only water if the soil feels dry. You could also add organic matter to help improve the structure of your soil which will help retain moisture. Similarly, you can easily purchase water-retentive granules or gels to compost to help further aid your soil absorb water.