About Us

How we became one of the most popular choices for waste
management in the UK

We were forward thinking from the very beginning, but that beginning was driven by frustration. Like so many people we were frustrated when our local council – Manchester – cut weekly bin collections and made them fortnightly. We were frustrated by the overflowing bins, the poor hygiene and the strain of living with too much waste. A lot of people felt the same, which is why we decided to do something about it.  

We started by offering residential waste collection. The name ‘Brantlegh’ is made up of the roads we lived on – Brantwood Road and Legh Road – and we even kept the tricky spelling of ‘Legh’. Before long we’d built a satisfied client base of local people who were happy to see their waste being dealt with by a waste management business that obviously cared.

Going above and beyond

Even better was to come, as our clients with commercial waste collection requirements convinced us that we could handle that as well. Ten years later we’re a fully-fledged commercial waste collections and management company, offering tailored solutions to customers throughout the UK. Despite our growth and the success we’ve enjoyed, we still take the same hands on approach to customer service, doing whatever it takes to give our consumers the waste management solutions they need at a price they can afford.

Our promise - never think about waste management again

Whether you’re new to commercial waste collection or switching from a provider who has let you down, we’ll keep the process as quick and simple as possible. Once you partner with Brantlegh you’ll enjoy the reassurance of a dedicated member of staff as a single point of contact. We’ve streamlined waste management and disposal to such a degree that you’ll simply never have to think about it again. Instead, you can rely on us to deal with your general waste or business waste while you concentrate on running your business and keeping your own customers happy.

A personalised service

We know from experience that when it comes to waste most people don’t want to have to deal with it, but also don’t want to pay premium prices for having it dealt with. we’ll create a plan for the type of waste that needs to be dealt with and how often collections need to take place. When you come to Brantlegh you only pay for the waste management you need, rather than paying for a range of extra services which you don’t actually require. Our commitment to recycling, coupled with our proven expertise, means that working with us We offer a premium service at affordable prices, working closely with each client to deliver a waste collection service tailored to the specific sector they work in. Blending the latest technology in the field with hard-earned experience will help to boost your own green credentials.

At Brantlegh we deal with today’s waste for our clients to make a better tomorrow for everyone.

Guided by our values and driven by our commitment

Although we work with the leading providers of recycling and waste disposal services in the UK, we’re always working for you. Brantlegh customers enjoy the free legal cover of a duty of care letter, free site surveys and free container rental and delivery on most of the services. No matter what kind of waste your business generates we can deal with it on your behalf. Find out how we can cut your costs streamline your waste and deliver maximum efficiency today