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Introducing the biodegradable coffee capsule

    At Brantlegh Waste we like our coffee. It gets us started in the morning and we are pretty sure it is the key to our success - acting as our fuel as we work with clients in Manchester and London to ensure they have access to flexible and affordable waste removal. However, we

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Fly- tipped waste

Fly-tipping is a pretty serious problem; occurring when individuals illegally dump waste on public or private property. Costing the government almost £50 million of the taxpayer’s money, this is the third year in a row that it has increased. A punishable offence, whilst you can well face criminal prosecution, the current maximum penalty that judges

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How to deal with waste in the cold weather

It’s been getting mighty nippy down here, after a relatively mild winter in November and, for the most part December, it seems our luck is about to turn. Thanks to a rather irritating blast from the Arctic, temperatures are set to plunge over the next couple of weeks and we are expected to even see

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Food waste part 1

Latest food waste report reveals staggering statistics. At Brantlegh Waste we are always surprised by the vast quantities of waste produced up and down the country. However, a recent survey carried out by Sainsbury’s, which involved studying the waste food patterns of 5,000 households uncovered a shocking relationship between us Britons and our food. According

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Insider analysis:

Why an Ashford waste management firm was fined £25,000 At Brantlegh Waste we take great pride in our service and work hard to ensure all the rubbish we collect is carefully disposed. Our team appreciate that every cause has an effect and this is never more so important than in the waste management industry. Faced

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Top countries winning at recycling

Top of the Pops: The Five countries winning at recycling. When it comes to recycling industry experts all maintain success lies in the three ‘Rs’ – reducing, recycling and reusing. Only by achieving all three of these that we can start to work towards a sustainable future, so we at Brantlegh Waste have worked to

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How Britain could improve its recycling rates

Britain has made great strides in its recycling rates. Before the turn of the millennium we were recycling less than 10% of our rubbish. However, over the past fifteen years with some hard work and determination we have increased that rate to 45%. A percentage which is admirably close to the EU directive of 50%

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Impact of Brexit on our waste

As the country debates the pros and cons of Brexit and every news article seems devoted to this controversial, agonising decision there is one aspect we at Brantlegh Waste feel has perhaps not received the coverage it deserves. Because leaving the EU could well affect Britain’s approach to waste management. The EU has very specific

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New Landfill Tax

The Landfill Tax is applied to those businesses who dispose of so much waste they are forced to use landfill sites. So however much rubbish you think your family manages to consume in any given week it is unlikely that the everyday consumer will come into contact with the Landfill Tax. However, for those dealing

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Is three weekly bin collection helping anything?

The three weekly bin collection which sees councils collect rubbish only every three weeks (as opposed to fortnightly) was piloted last year in the Welsh county of Powys. Not only will it help the council massively reduce costs, with estimates from Lets Recycle suggesting that it will save the council close to half a million

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