Here at Brantlegh we specialise in providing bespoke waste management solutions for businesses of every type. We work in close partnership with your business to make sure that the commercial waste collection you receive is exactly what you need. This enables us to  keep costs as low as possible.

Our process begins with a free site survey, after which we’ll design a commercial waste disposal plan based around the waste you produce and an affordable price. In addition to this we always work to make our business waste collection services as sustainable as possible, providing specialist containers for different types of waste in order to maximise the amount which can be taken for recycling. Our expertise and experience in the waste management field means that we can also advise on the specific legal requirements which apply to commercial waste disposal. 

Our commitment to customer service means that we treat each customer as an individual in their own right, including providing a dedicated member of staff on hand to answer any questions they might have at any time. The sectors we work with include the following:

Property Management and Landlords – clean and efficient waste management for all your residents or tenants across a range of different properties and property types

clean and efficient waste management for all your residents or tenants across a range of different properties and property types

handling the specialised and often hazardous waste produced in the healthcare sector in a safe and efficient manner

helping businesses to meet the specific requirements of commercial waste management and leaving them free to concentrate on running their business

Our residential bin collection service was our initial offering a decade ago.

handling trade waste in a streamlined, efficient and affordable manner

working with education facilities to streamline waste management and help keep sites clean and safe

taking care of the waste produced by hospitality, leisure and events facilities to leave providers able to concentrate on delivery

working closely with facilities management professionals to ensure the seamless handling of any waste management

dealing with any and all types of manufacturing waste with a combination of expertise and experience

dealing with the specialised demands of the waste produced by care homes and helping owners and managers keep residents safe

stepping in to fill the gap often left by poor local authority provision for HMO refuse collection and waste management

dealing with the struggle that many tower blocks face when having to cope with cuts in local authority waste management provision

delivering commercial waste management which meets all legislative requirements at the same time as streamlining collections in an affordable and sustainable manner