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If you run a care home; you have waste management requirements which are highly specific and genuinely specialist in nature. Not only does your waste need to be disposed of quickly and safely in order to protect the hygiene of your facilities and the safety and well-being of your residents, it also presents a challenge in terms of the range and type of waste likely to be present. In addition to this, saving on running cost of a care home is a key concern, so the commercial waste collection services you use need to offer maximum value for money, keeping costs to a minimum, while offering a premium service.  

Here at Brantlegh we bring all of our experience and expertise in the waste management business to bear when dealing with clients from the care home sector. We understand that the waste in question, as well as including the kind of non-hazardous mixed waste and food waste we manage for commercial clients, is likely to include more specialist forms of waste such as used incontinence products, varied medical waste, used needles, sharps, used swabs and dressings. 

Storing, removing and disposing of specialist waste of this kind involves conforming to legislation such as the Environmental Protection Act 1990, the Special Waste Regulation Act 1996 and the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) regulations. At Brantlegh we value the safety of our customers and our own employees more than anything else, and work closely with every care home client to ensure that specialist medical waste is disposed of safely on site and then shifted seamlessly and securely by our team. While the bulk of waste from most care homes can be disposed of in the same way as general waste, we partner with every client to make sure that each piece of waste is handled in a manner which is safe, legal and convenient. In simple terms, we’ll look after your commercial waste disposal so that you can look after your residents.