Looking for Education waste managements services?

Brantlegh Education

Here at Brantlegh we deliver waste management services to educational establishments across the UK. Our experience of waste management in general and working for the education sector in particular enables us to offer a service which is tailor made for the particular requirements of education clients.

These requirements begin with the ability to safely manage waste which falls into several different categories. As well as paper and cardboard waste the average educational establishment will also create a degree of food waste and, in some cases, highly specialist waste such as chemicals from on-site laboratories. Our free site survey will enable us to gain a full understanding of the kind of waste which has to be dealt with, and draw up a bespoke plan based exactly on that knowledge.

We also understand the pressure on educational establishments to keep costs under control, and that’s why we offer a premium service at value for money prices. Our hands-on approach to customer service means that you’ll only ever receive the waste management you need, rather than paying for a one size fits all approach that wastes provision. In addition to saving money, this bespoke delivery ensures that the waste management at your educational institution is completely seamless, leaving you free to concentrate on providing education while we take care of your waste in a safe, lawful and sustainable manner.

We understand that education is all about shaping the future, and we know how much of a role eco-friendly waste services and an emphasis on recycling have to play in helping to make that future safe. When you work with Brantlegh you can be sure that the environmental impact of your waste is kept to the absolute minimum.