Looking for Healthcare waste managements services?

Brantlegh Healthcare

Mention waste management to most people and they probably imagine disposing of the waste produced by the average household. That’s a part of the service we provide – it’s actually what motivated us to start this journey all those years ago –and since then we’ve developed expertise and  a hands-on experience working in highly specialised sectors such as health waste management.

Providing healthcare waste disposal services for healthcare clients is an extremely demanding task, but it’s one which we excel in. The average healthcare facility will produce a mixture of waste ranging from general waste to food waste and standard recyclable materials such as cardboard, all the way through to sector specific items like used needles, bandages and medication itself. Following a free on site survey we work with each healthcare client and come up with a plan to dispose of each type of waste in a manner which is affordable, seamlessly efficient and above all safe. When you work with us your health care waste will be disposed of safely on site and then securely removed by our team.  

Stringent legislation surrounds waste management in health facilities and we see it as our duty to know exactly what this legislation entails and ensure that we deliver our services in line with it. We’re motivated by a desire to ensure that our clients waste is handled in a lawful manner combined with an overarching concern for the safety and well-being of our clients, their patients and our own employees. When you work with Brantlegh you can relax in the knowledge that your health care waste management is in the safest possible hands, leaving you free to concentrate on delivering care to your patients. In simple terms we deliver premium health waste management for the fairest possible price, with an emphasis on individual customer care and tailored solutions.