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If you manage an office or retail outlet then you have a duty of care to employees and customers to ensure that efficient and sustainable waste management procedures are in place. The average office or retail unit produces a wide range of waste, from cardboard, paper and plastics to general food waste and potentially dangerous items such as batteries or toner cartridges. Dealing with office waste disposal safely and in line with the relevant legislation covering commercial as opposed to residential waste is highly complex and best placed in the hands of professionals.

The professionals at Brantlegh offer a wealth of waste management experience across a wide range of sectors combined with a total commitment to first class customer service. We enter into a genuine partnership with each client, meaning that the waste management we deliver is genuinely bespoke. Factors such as the number and type of office waste paper recycling bins we provide and the frequency of collections offered will be tailored to meet your requirements and budget. In simple terms, you’ll be able to forget about office waste disposal and concentrate on your core business while we ensure that your waste is disposed of and stored safely on site and then collected and removed by our team. It’s a premium service in every way, but we use our purchasing power in the market and commitment to technological solutions to leverage the best possible prices for our customers.

In addition to advising on the legislation dealing with office waste disposals we’ll make sure that your waste is handled in the most eco-friendly way possible. Our commitment to sustainability and green solutions will help you to cut the carbon footprint of your business and do your bit to look after the wider environment.