FEL Collection


Brantlegh FEL (Front End Loader) Collection

Large scale waste management is a highly specialised field which demands a level of expertise and experience which isn’t easy to find. This includes commercial waste collections which deal with larger volumes of waste and has to comply with regulations which don’t apply to residential waste collection. Here at Brantlegh we offer all of that expertise, plus a commitment to excellent customer service and wide experience of dealing with specialist equipment like Front End Loaders (FEL).

FEL’s are lockable steel containers designed to handle large volumes of dry waste. The waste in question might include dry mixed recycling (DMR) and general waste, although FEL are not suitable for the disposal of glass or any hazardous waste. The advantage of using FEL is that they gather the vast majority of waste produced by the average business in one place, making your waste disposal procedures easier to organise and manage. 

When you partner with a waste management business like Brantlegh, simplifying and streamlining the waste management of your business is at the heart of everything we do. Following a free site survey, we create a bespoke commercial waste disposal plan tailor made specifically for your business. This will often involve the provision of FEL of the required size and a collection timetable designed to meet your requirements and comply with your budget. Once in place, FEL can only be moved using the appropriate lifting equipment, and our commitment to the latest technology is another aspect of the one stop business waste collection service we provide. Our waste management service deals with the issue of waste in a sustainable and eco-friendly manner, burnishing the green credentials of your organisation and leaving you free to concentrate on your core business activities.