General Waste Collection

Brantlegh General Waste Collection

In simple terms, general waste covers the kind of items which can’t be recycled and would be placed in non-recyclable bins. We are all conscious of the important need  to cut our carbon footprint and protect the environment. At a basic level this means that general waste has to be separated and stored safely and securely before being disposed of. The waste in question could be described as ‘black bagged waste’.  It is the kind of waste that is sent for incineration and therefore ‘recycled’ into energy. Making sure this happens, simplifies the process of dealing with all the other waste in an eco-friendly and sustainable manner.

General waste also covers other forms of waste such as waste categorised as bulky items.    

Here at Brantlegh we operate as genuine partners to the businesses we provide general waste bin collections for. This involves offering a free site survey, free provision of the correct waste containers – in a range of sizes and types – and drawing up a waste management plan which is tailor-made for your particular business.

We’ll explain what constitutes general waste, and we’ll come up with a collection plan which meets your general waste bin collection requirements at the same time as maximising the amount of waste you’re able to send for recycling.

Our commitment to customer service means that we do everything we can to keep the cost of waste management as low as possible. That means using the latest technology and leveraging our purchasing power in the market. When you work with us you’ll be treated as an individual, with a dedicated member of staff on hand to ensure a smooth service and answer any questions,  which leaves you free to concentrate on running your business!