Glass Collection

Brantlegh Glass Collection

Businesses of every type in the UK now operate in a manner which is designed to minimise emissions, increase sustainability and protect the environment of today and of the future as much as possible. A commitment to recycling waste wherever possible has a huge role to play in this effort, and the specialised glass recycling collections offered by Brantlegh will help to make this happen.

When you work with Brantlegh for your glass collections you enter into a genuine partnership with experts in the field. We have hands on experience of dealing with every type of waste across a wide range of sectors, and that includes knowing exactly how to deal with glass waste. Following a free site survey we’ll produce a bespoke waste management plan including providing free glass waste containers and a collection schedule which meets your requirementsthat fits in with your business.

We understand that clients want to enjoy premium glass recycling collections at an affordable price, so we leverage factors such as the technology we use and our purchasing power in the market to keep prices as low as possible while maintaining the highest customer service standards.  Working with Brantlegh means having a dedicated member of our team ready to answer any questions you might have, and being able to relax in the knowledge that your glass collections are being handled in the most sustainable way possible.