We are Independent Waste Management Brokers in Manchester. We typically save our clients 10% to 15% of their current waste removal costs. We provide outstanding service. We are here for you.


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Brantlegh the Waste Removal Experts across Manchester, Prestwich, Whitefield and Salford

When it comes to getting rid of your waste around your home or business, no one does it like Brantlegh. Every member of our staff is dedicated to serving you and the whole Manchester community. All of our equipment are meticulously maintained and all of our staff are expertly trained and committed to serving our customer base . They know what it means to deliver the highest quality customer service and will always put you first.

We provide all of our clients in the Manchester and London areas with a number of money saving services. We provide bin collecting, office waste, large volume waste collection and a number of other recycling services for both business and residential customers. We are always looking to help our customers save money on their rubbish collection and get a better service.

Our staff are highly trained and are able to help you stay on top of your waste pick up needs. If you are a business and you are growing, chances are your waste collection needs will change and we here at Brantlegh realise that you should be able to expect that we will adjust our pickups to fit your needs.

Why should you look to Brantlegh Waste Removal?

As an independent waste management company we are able to help all of our clients reduce their overall cost of rubbish removal. A big part of our business involves recycling and the picking up of recyclable materials. By picking up recyclable materials it helps to cut down on the amount of waste that ends up in landfills.

We are big enough to be able to scale our rubbish pick up to a wide range of sizes from small waste and recycling bags all the ways up to large capacity containers that are able to handle up to 14 cubic feet of waste or recyclable materials. This allows us to tailor our services to both business and residential clients.

We provide our services at reasonable prices

As an independent rubbish collection company we are able to set our prices at level that allows us to help our clients save as much as 10 -15% over our competition. No waste pickup job is too small or too big for our staff to handle. Whether you are needing a large rollaway container for a large scale tear-down or need to have junk hauled away from your residence, we will provide you with a free quote for the cost of all of all services.

Scheduled pick services and haul away services

Whether you are looking to control your waste expenses by having scheduled pick up days or simply needing for us to haul away large amounts rubbish from all of your offices or residential properties, we have the facilities and employees to handle whatever you are needing.


Waste And Recycling Services

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Never worry about your waste again

With customers from diverse sectors served across Greater Manchester, we’re experienced in helping businesses adjust as they grow. We work to ensure proper waste treatment and disposal for all of your locations and act quickly to meet your needs.

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