Looking for HMOs waste managements services?

Brantlegh HMO’s

Many people who live in or manage houses in multiple occupation (HMO) are well aware of the issues which these properties often encounter when it comes to waste management. At the heart of the problem is the fact that local authorities around the UK tend to offer inadequate waste collection containers for the number of residents in the average HMO. When this is combined with a reduced number of collections it means waste often builds up to unacceptable levels in terms of hygiene, health and safety and residents’ quality of life.

One guaranteed solution to these problems is to work with the waste management experts at Brantlegh. Our experience in handling waste covers every type, from general waste to food and more dangerous items, our expertise in the waste management business is combined with a total commitment to customer service. Each HMO we deal with enjoys a bespoke waste management solution following a free site survey. Rather than providing one size fits all provision like some waste management companies we create a tailored plan based around the exact number of containers you need and the collection frequency which meets your requirements.

We understand that our clients want to be able to forget about waste management in the knowledge that we’re handling it for them, without having to pay a premium price. We leverage our experience, buying power in the market and access to the latest technology to keep prices as low as possible without ever cutting corners. We enter into a genuine partnership with each client, providing clear communication via a dedicated member of staff – if you’ve got a question then we’ll be ready with the answer, and our commitment to recycling and green solutions means that your waste management is delivered in a completely sustainable manner.