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Brantlegh Block Management

The waste collection services provided for blocks of flats are often not fit for purpose. Budget cuts in a local authority generally lead to the collection frequency being lowered, and this can impact massively on the lives and well-being of the people living in a particular block. Uncollected waste is a clear health and safety risk in itself, as well as being likely to attract pests, so anyone involved in block management is bound to be looking for a waste management business which solves the problem and sustains the quality of life of residents without going over budget.

Brantlegh offers bespoke waste management services which tick both of these boxes. Because our commercial waste collection is individual and customised rather than being delivered through a one size fits all approach, you can be sure that you only have to pay for the waste management you actually need. Following a free site visit we’ll work in close partnership to draw up a plan detailing the containers and collection frequency needed, and throughout our partnership you’ll have direct access to a dedicated member of staff ready and waiting to answer any questions you might have.

As well as handling the waste produced by a block of flats in a safe, efficient and affordable manner we provide general waste collection in a completely sustainable way. Partnering with us for your waste management provision will mean that you’re playing your part in protecting the environment, encouraging recycling and promoting your own green credentials.